Where to Eat In Winston Salem

The Honey Pot prides itself in serving modern Cuisine. Diners seeking comfort food should look. This dining spot will make you feel like you’ve entered a southern home. The atmosphere is the comfy and inviting. The food is delicious and heartwarming. Diners love the braised lamb abdomen on the North Carolina clams. You really can’t go wrong here.
This restaurant opened in 1996 and it’s been wowing diners ever since. The menu highlights is sure to please average restaurant patrons and foodies alike and local produce. The atmosphere is romantic and cozy. Diners love the extensive wine list and the crispy duck. This place is a fine-dining visit.

A mention of restaurants would be incomplete without involving one of the oldest dining areas of the city. The Tavern in Old Salem dates back to 1816. Diners and history fans alike will enjoy the atmosphere. The restaurant team dresses from the settlers. The food choice pays tribute to the dining adventures of the Moravian lands. Diners can enjoy twists on heritage
Not everything in Winston-Salem is style. The city’s diversity supplies for some wonderful dining experiences. Hakka Chow is a great example. The menu serves a large variety of cuisines in China, India, and Thailand. The menu offers delicious dishes and the food is served in a stylish atmosphere. This is a great place for vegetarians who will come across the offerings. If you are seeking something besides Southern style comfort food, be sure to check out this place.

Bernadin’s Fine Dining, 901 W. 4 th St. (336-725- 6666)

Jeffrey Adams on shows the progressive culinary mindset of the region. This spot started all of its own meat and produce. You will be wowed by chef Andrews . Diners are sure to find the atmosphere modern and flavorful and the dishes innovative and inviting.

Winston-Salem is rapidly becoming one of North Carolina destinations. The cuisine in the city is unique as it pays homage to the roots of North Carolina, but also incorporates the ethnic and cultural diversity of the region. Diners of all types will find a wonderful place to eat when in town. Here are a few of the best spots.

Bernadin’s is a local favorite restaurant. This restaurant has made a name for itself due to the fine dining. The cuisine is elegantly crafted and meticulously thought out. It is delicious! Make sure to try out the pan-seared North Carolina ostrich. You truly can’t go wrong with whatever you order at this restaurant.

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