Korner’s Folly

We welcome you to see Körner’s Folly; it is like no other dwelling in the world. The subsequent design allegedly caused a neighbor farmer to remark about the home,”…which will be Jule Körner’s folly.” Jule caught end of this comment and enjoyed it he immediately dubbed the construction”Körner’s Folly,” and had the title lain in tile onto the front porch. Rooms provide way to an elegant and airy room. There was A stable renovated to a sewing and library room. The level houses Cupid’s Park Theater, a theatre, considered to be the earliest theatre in the usa.

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The architecture boasts 22 rooms spread out over seven degrees and three floors, however to Jule, it was not complete. After Jule died in 1924, he’d new renovation strategies for Körner’s Folly on his drawing desk… Jule Gilmer Körner started construction. As an furniture and interior designer, decorator, and painters, Jule proposed to utilize this construction to flaunt his style work. He stuffed Körner’s Folly together with his furniture and interior layouts, as a”catalog” for his customers to look at his job. Its design defied description and the home has been always to generate way Since Körner’s Folly started to take shape. No 2 doors or windows are just alike; you will find 15 distinct fireplaces, and ceiling heights vary from 5 1/2 feet to 25 feet. Superlatives don’t clarify this house of comparisons and contrasts. It’s welcoming spaces, and nooks and crannies. Art and murals add a feeling of opulence.