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Kernersville North Carolina is a quiet town in Forsyth County and is the second largest suburb of Winston-Salem. The town is situated on the eastern edge of the state. It has been around since the early 1800’s and is a thriving community of farms and vineyards. The town has a very pleasant rural feel to it and is known for its fine wines. There is a popular winery located in this area that makes one of the most popular wines in America. This winery is known for the Cabernet Sauvignon that is produced in this area.
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The city is actually located in the Forsyth County line in a suburb called Cullowhee. A small section of the town is in Guilford county. The population was approximately 23,000 at the last census, up slightly from the 2020 census figure. The growth rate is slower than many of the larger towns in this area as the population is still growing but is expected to remain steady or even increase in the coming years. This growth is attributed to the large number of retirees living in the area who are drawn to the many restaurants, stores and businesses in the area.
Another reason the population growth is slow is due to the fact that many people who live here are immigrants and have to overcome some of the language barriers that many of the towns in Forsyth county have. Due to the smaller size of this town there are not many schools within close proximity of the town. Due to the number of people who live here the unemployment rate is relatively low, but still higher than the national average. There are many parks and recreational areas in and around the area including parks dedicated to the residents of Kernersville.