Kernersville Famous People

If you’re looking for a small, quaint town with a good-sized shopping center in North Carolina, you’ll want to head to Kernersville North Carolina. This quaint little town on the outskirts of Winston-Salem is home to some of the finest restaurants in the entire state. The town is located on the edge of the mountains and has a reputation for being the ultimate destination for wine connoisseurs. The small part of the town that is in Forsyth County is located on the banks of Black River.
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The population of this town was 21,000 at the last census, up from 15,633 at the previous census. This means that this small area has grown rapidly over the past few years. There are also a number of shops that are located here, so if you happen to be looking for some clothing or even jewelry, you should definitely look into this part of Forsyth County. You can get groceries and other food in town as well. There are a number of people that live in the area who work as teachers and coaches, but there are also a large number of retirees in the area as well.
If you are interested in some shopping in this town, you should head over to the area surrounding the Huntersville-Forsyth International Airport. The area around the area is home to several malls and shopping centers, so you should definitely try to stop by at least once before you travel to your next destination. If you are looking for something a little more unique, you may want to look into the many antique shops that are located here. It’s really the perfect place to shop if you are looking for some unique items to take home with you.