History of Kernersville

According to tradition, across the year 1756, an Irishman called Caleb Story has been awarded a land grant for 400 acres of rolling wood which could come to be called Kernersville in the Royal Colony of Carolina. In hands would change. To begin with, to a different Irishman called after that, David Morrow, to guy by 1771. He’d eventually go on to purchase before his tract comprised 1133 acres tracts of land which adjoined the 400 acres. William Dobson built an inn and shop house. The larger of those roads was that the point line. According to the official diaries of the period of time, we all know that the Tavern of Dobson has been the stopover spot on the trip between settlements of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and Salem. Based on the journal of George Washington, he stopped in the Tavern of Dobson. Prior to going to Guilford’s Battleground the President was on his tour and spent some time in Salem.

One of different jobs, Schober continued to conduct the inn. It had been Schober’s son Nathan who would sell Joseph Kerner on November 14, 1817 the 1032 acres. Joseph Kerner, who had been born together with his loved ones, in Furtwangen, Germany, would continue to conduct companies that are relevant and the inn . The inn was known as Kerner’s crossroads. Before his tract comprised 1144 acres joseph would purchase property. Upon his passing, his three children, Phillip, Salome, and John Fredrick, would divide the property between them. Next, the kids would start selling them and breaking tracts of land. About Kerner’s crossroads a village had grown From the time of the American Civil War. The Kerner name had stuck, although by this time, the inn was sold to William Penn Henly. Into the city of Kernersville the village which surrounded the inn was integrated on March 31, 1871. The inhabitants was 147. From 1873 the railroad came through town of Kernersville and the city lost no time going and brought a boom in public. By 1880 the population was near 500 and the city inhabitants would double.

As Kernersville is still the core of the Triad, the population has continued to rise. Kernersville boasts a population of over 25,000 taxpayers Now.