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Kernersville Parks

The population of Kernersville North Carolina is quite low, with only around 18,000 people being in attendance on a regular basis. This is due to the fact that the majority of people in the area are residents of nearby Winston-Salem, where they work and reside. The majority of them live on the outskirts of town, […]

Kernersville Schools

Located in North Carolina’s mountains, Kernersville North Carolina has long been a popular tourist destination. There are many attractions in the area for those interested in relaxing, sightseeing, horseback riding or even simply doing some good old fashion family fun. As the name suggests, the town has its own small part of mountains that offer […]

Kernersville Famous People

If you’re looking for a small, quaint town with a good-sized shopping center in North Carolina, you’ll want to head to Kernersville North Carolina. This quaint little town on the outskirts of Winston-Salem is home to some of the finest restaurants in the entire state. The town is located on the edge of the mountains […]

Kernersville Weather

Kernersville is actually a town in Forsyth County in North Carolina and is the second largest city of Winston-Salem. The town is situated in the State of North Carolina, which is divided into several counties. A small section of the city is also situated in Guilford county. The population of the city was roughly 23,000 […]

Kernersville History

Located just about an hour north of Charlotte, in the town of Kernersville North Carolina, there is one of the wealthiest communities in all of the state. One of the reasons that this community is so wealthy is that it has a rich history. Over the centuries this small community has been one of America’s […]

Kernersville Festivals

Kernersville is a small town in Forsyth county and the largest subdivision of Winston-Salem in the state. The town is located at the intersection of Highway 7 and Hillsboro road. The town is bordered on two sides by Lake Creek. A large chunk of the town lies in Guilford county and is surrounded by Hillsborough […]

Kernersville Landmarks

Kernersville is a small community in Forsyth County, NC and the largest neighborhood of Winston-Salem, NC. The city is located on the eastern part of the state in the middle of the U.S. State of North Carolina near the Appalachian Mountains. The population of this small community has stayed fairly steady over the years with […]

Kernersville Tourism

Kernersville North Carolina is a quiet town in Forsyth County and is the second largest suburb of Winston-Salem. The town is situated on the eastern edge of the state. It has been around since the early 1800’s and is a thriving community of farms and vineyards. The town has a very pleasant rural feel to […]

Kernersville Sports

“The Official Store of the University of North Carolina” is located in downtown Kernersville NC. “We are proud to be the official store for one of the nation’s largest public research universities. Our Kernersville North Carolina, Hibbert Sports has conveniently located on the North Main Mall between Masten Street and Century Blvd, right off Highway […]