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Triad Tree Removal is your one-stop destination for tree trimming and tree pruning in Sparta, Alleghany. We have a team of experienced, dedicated, and certified arborists and tree care workers who provide top-notch tree service to make the landscape of your property look beautiful. If you want us to shape your trees and take care of them, all you need to do is give us a call.

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Triad Tree Removal of Alamance understands that the economy’s inflation leaves homeowners thinking about whether to hire tree services or not. However, we can assure you that our fees are quite reasonable and once you understand the quality of service we offer, you won’t think of hiring someone else. We want to provide you unmatched tree services at a price that fits your pocket. This is a significant reason why we have so many repeat customers calling us every year to clear their front yard or trim the trees around their house.

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 Honesty before profit

We don’t want to provide additional services just to make money from your deal. That is why we offer free quotations to everyone who wants to hire us. For example, if you call us and say that you need tree trimming service, we will note down your location and set up an appointment. There will be a team of arborists at your property on the specified date to take a look at the trees that need servicing. Whether it is pruning, trimming, or cabling, we can only provide the ideal solution after looking at the problem.

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Our specialist advice includes determining the most cost-effective approach for your Tree Service project. We also take care of the necessary permits. With the most modern equipment, for example with the Triad felling crane, we carry out the tree care work on schedule and quickly.

Finally, we will also take professional care of any disposal of tree waste our own biomass yard.

Tree Service we offer

Over the years, Triad Tree Removal has become one of the most well-known tree servicing companies in Sparta, Alleghany. We are proud of our achievements and want to carry on the good work. Our primary objective is to keep the trees healthy. Tree services involve tree cutting, tree removal, tree trimming, and stump removal. But that doesn’t mean we promote deforestation.

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Our team of arborists will go to your location to inspect the condition of the trees around your house. Their vast experience allows them to come up with a practical solution on how to deal with the issue in hand. For example, if there is a dead tree in your garden, they might suggest uprooting the tree from its base to protect the other plants and trees. We always provide the service that is not only healthy for surrounding plants and trees but also the one that you can afford.

Different trees require different types of treatment. That is why we offer a tree service that suits the tree and its surroundings. For example, a tree with overgrown branches can cause a problem to the nearby electric and telephone lines. We can trim the branches down so that the entire tree looks healthier than before. A big tree doesn’t necessarily have to be beautiful. If it requires grooming, Triad Tree Removal is here to provide everything it needs.

We hope that you will get in touch with us whenever you need any tree services. Triad Tree Removal of Spartawill never disappoint with the quality of service and fees.

Since the establishment more than 35 years ago Triad Trees has become one of the leading US companies in the tree care sector. Our range of services includes special felling, large tree transplants, clearing, root stock milling and tree reports. With the felling crane specially developed by us, we cut trees in one go. Regardless of whether it is a single tree in your private garden or a logistically demanding major project trades – our four qualified forest managers and over 30 highly trained tree workers and arborists ensure one swift and complete execution of your tree care order.

We come to you, ask about your wishes and explore the local conditions for the tree care measure.

Our specialist advice includes determining the most cost-effective approach for your tree care project. We also take care of the necessary permits. With the most modern equipment, for example with the Triad felling crane, we carry out the tree care work on schedule and quickly.

Finally, we will also take professional care of any disposal of tree waste our own biomass yard.

For more information about tree care please give us a call: Tel. – – insert number here

Complicated felling of spruce

There are always special situations that require special solutions! One of them is the felling of a spruce that has become dry over the summer months and has unfortunately died in the Sparta center. The tree measured a diameter of over a meter and a height of 29 meters. In addition, it stood above a listed wall, access through the garden was difficult and prevented by a group of trees in the first row. The question now arose as to how the tree could be removed and, above all, delivered to a place where trucks could drive. It quickly became clear that a mobile construction crane would be used here and that the good connection to the -company name- company would be used. With a height of around 30 m, the crane can lift over trees and houses and thanks to a boom of over 40 m it can easily reach the tree to be felled. After the approval for the felling and the complete closure of the road, the spruce could be removed piece by piece using a combination of rope climbing technology and mobile crane, chopped up on the road and driven down. Despite the fact that the tree was dead and relatively dry, it was divided into six parts of 700 to 1400 kg each.

Grown for decades – felled and disposed of within a few hours! In addition to mourning the stately spruce, at the end of the morning the customer and everyone involved were happy that the felling could be carried out safely and quickly!

Why did the spruce die?

The drought of the past few months caused problems for many trees, especially the spruce. Starting with a long absence of rain, the spruce is predisposed and the bark beetle has an easy time of it. The beetle can spread within a very short time through rapid reproduction cycles; clear symptoms for the beetle’s infestation on a spruce usually already indicate the end of the tree. The little beetle is also up to mischief in our forests: large areas have to be cleared, causing enormous economic damage.

However: Regardless of whether it is in the city or in the forest, the best way to combat it is to felling and removing the infested trunk quickly. Is your spruce affected too? We would be happy to take a look at your trees.

Poplar felling in the -team name- stadium in Sparta

The garden authority of the city of Sparta relies on the proven felling crane technology from Triad Trees. In January 2017 we were commissioned to fell 42 poplars up to a trunk diameter of about 1.20 meters in the “-team name-” sports stadium under difficult site conditions between the stadium and the river -river name-. We also handled this project professionally, avoiding damage to the property.

All tree care work is carried out according to the task, both with double rope climbing technology and using the most modern access platforms, particularly tree-friendly. Many public clients entrust Triad Trees with their valuable trees for permanent care. Loyal private customers have been leaving their treasured trees and gardens for decades check and maintain them professionally by us. In this way, we can guarantee a crown development of the ecologically valuable tree individuals that is adapted to the respective tree environment.

As a co-partner of -company name-, we are one of the few companies in US to offer you professional and therefore success-oriented transplanting of large trees. A new, fascinating achievement that is only possible with special machines and special knowledge and experience. This involves the mechanical transplantation of large trees that are worth preserving but cannot remain at their current location. Our innovative technology enables large trees to be transplanted with a trunk circumference of up to 120 cm. We deliver, plant and look after high-quality large trees to upgrade new locations or restore gaps in old avenues.

Special felling

Trees that are no longer roadworthy or worth preserving, perhaps also have to be removed for other reasons, are cut down inexpensively and using the latest technology. Both in private gardens and along traffic routes and highways. Strict security requirements must be taken into account, especially in busy inner-city areas. Speed is of the essence during preparation and removal. We take care of the smooth obtaining and processing of all permits. The employees of Triad Trees are familiar with all the necessary approval procedures and traffic regulations.

By using our unique felling crane, tree felling can also be carried out very safely and cleanly in the smallest of spaces. Complete tree tops are fixed with the felling crane, cut off within seconds and put down with centimeter precision.

Using mobile cranes, we can also remove trees from hard-to-reach indoor areas and gardens. On the other hand, use large trees, often spectacular projects.

With a precisely coordinated team and our technology, work from tree felling to processing can be carried out “just-in-time”.

Before starting many measures, there is often a need for advice. Our customers have 4 certified forest managers for investigations, analyzes and implementation.

• On-site advice “all about the tree”
• Preparation of court reports
• Carrying out tree inspections for private and
• public customers
• Recording and mapping of tree and woody stands

Commitment in the region

If you get a lot, you should give a lot back. Under this credo, Triad Trees is committed to many cultural and social issues in the region. For example culture: As a board member of the -organization name here-, -full name- sponsored the Advent concert of the Chamber Orchestra of the University Orchestra -name- in December 2010. But social engagement is also important to Triad Trees: In 2010, for example, the work of the -name- association in Sparta was financially supported. This helps young people with a migration background to integrate more easily into US society.

Of course, our company also offers apprenticeships for young people. We are a recognized training company for the professional fields of forestry (with a focus on tree care) and tree workers.

Our sponsorship focuses on promoting young people.

• Support of youth football teams
• Delivery of wood for designing closer to nature
• Playgrounds and day care centers
• Construction of the climbing landscape at Freudenberg Castle in Wiesbaden

Triad Trees felling crane

We are equipped with three of the most modern felling cranes in US. Our Triad Trees felling crane has been doing a very good job for a number of years. Due to the great demand, an additional purchase was necessary: The new TT Fellcran v2 has been expanding the vehicle fleet since September 2010. In December 2012, a third felling crane of this type was added. This is mainly in use in northern US. The TT Fellcran v2 is a completely new construction in which the experience gained from years of use of the TT Fellcran v1 has been technically implemented and improved. The double telescopic boom plus unit brings it up to 24 meters in height and 21 meters on the side. Trees that would otherwise be felled downhill and then have to be laboriously rope up or attached during the felling process can be felled by the felling crane and maneuvered uphill – in one operation. The Triad Trees felling crane can hold up to 1.5 tonnes of load when fully extended. All hydraulic cylinders are equipped with shut-off valves which immediately close the valve if a hydraulic hose bursts. The pliers cannot then open for safety reasons. The tongs grab trees up to 110 centimeters thick and saws up to 80 centimeters in diameter in one operation. The felling volume is between 100 and 200 trees per day, depending on the environment and the nature of the trees!

Tree felling – tree care – pruning / Your specialist for tree care in Sparta and the surrounding area / Careful – clean – safe / Competent advice on all questions about the tree / Crown care and crown reduction in rope climbing technique / Rope-supported tree felling / Help with storm damage repair / Traffic safety cut / Construction site clearance / Installation of crown securing systems / Free viewing and preparation of an offer

If you would like to cut a tree in Sparta or have it cared for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We help you with competent advice in all questions about the tree and carry out all necessary pruning measures and tree felling work.

We are a well-coordinated team of experienced arborists and gardeners who specialize in rope-supported tree work. Thanks to the special rope climbing technique, we can reach every point in the tree without a ladder or aerial work platform. We start where others reach their limits!

We have turned our love for nature and our enthusiasm for rope climbing into our profession. Our many years of experience and good cooperation make it possible to offer the entire spectrum of tree care measures and to complement our work in every respect. Thus we are able to fulfill even the most difficult orders and to satisfy every customer. Since the health of your trees is important to us, choosing the right tree care measure is very important to us. Whether tree felling or a tree-preserving measure, whether crown reduction or installation of crown safety systems – you have come to the right place! After a detailed consultation on site, we will jointly choose the right measure that will sustainably support your tree in its development and at the same time offer a solution that fully meets your wishes.

All tree climbers in the team have basic training in rope climbing technology (SKT-B). We meet regularly with other colleagues from Berlin and Brandenburg to exchange experiences and discuss current topics. In this way, we always keep our specialist knowledge up to date.

Care, cleanliness and safety are a matter of course for us. Only when you are 100% satisfied are we too!

The classic tree care includes measures on the tree and tree environment to avoid undesirable developments and to maintain the vitality of a tree. All pruning measures to be taken should have a constructive effect on the tree by supporting its development in building a stable and healthy crown.

With the strong urbanization in recent decades, the demands on trees in settlement areas have increased significantly. First and foremost, a tree must not endanger the safety of people and property, and it must not impair road safety. Dead wood formation and broken branches represent a potential health risk. Branches that protrude over traffic and sidewalks can endanger traffic safety. In all these cases, professional tree care measures must be taken, which on the one hand restore the safety of the tree and at the same time damage the tree as little as possible in its development.

As a specialist company, we have specialized in uniting the interests of people and trees.

When carrying out tree care work, we adhere to the -case name- (Additional Technical Contractual Conditions and Guidelines for Tree Care) edition 2017.

Our range of services in detail:


A hedge is a beautiful green border between the garden and the neighboring property. But: To keep the hedge in shape, you also have to cut the hedge regularly!

We offer professional hedge trimming with professional tools.


The crown care is the most extensive tree care measure and is considered the all-round carefree program in tree care. Its execution takes into account all aspects of the development of the tree and should not result in any further measures in the event of regular weather conditions over 3-5 years. Crown care serves to maintain the health and improve the living conditions of the tree. This maintenance measure includes cutting out sick, broken, damaged, crossing and rubbing branches. In addition, undesirable undesirable developments in the treetop are recognized at an early stage and corrected through targeted cutting measures: e.g. In the case of the -case name-, which is considered to be prone to breakage, the competitive shoot is cut out as a preventive measure (if the diameter is small) or professionally shortened (in the case of stems / stems) in order to possibly reduce the excessive load on the weakened fork. If necessary, entire parts of the crown can be thinned out or shortened / relieved in order to improve the incidence of light at certain points or to restore the crown’s resistance to breakage. A corresponding clearance profile is created over traffic areas. In crown care, cutting measures are mainly carried out in the fine and low-load area. (5 cm <Ø, see -case name-). The tree’s typical habit is retained.CROWN CROWNINGSometimes it is necessary to shorten the entire treetop in its height and / or in its lateral extent accordingly in order to adapt the tree to the requirements of traffic safety and the tree environment. In order to preserve older trees in particular, a more extensive intervention in the crown may be necessary – e.g. to relieve the entire crown to prevent knots from breaking out. Here, consideration is given to the species-typical growth form of the respective tree (habitus) (cf. -case name here-). Let us advise you on suitable and justifiable cutting measures!LIGHT SPACE PROFILE SECTION / TRAFFIC SAFETY SECTIONThe legally prescribed clear space above traffic areas, which is necessary for unhindered passage, is 4.50 m. over streets and 2.50 m. via bike paths and sidewalks. Branches that hang too low or protrude can impair public traffic and even lead to considerable personal injury and property damage. If branches protrude into the traffic area, it is necessary to restore the clearance profile.The clearance profile cut is carried out to maintain or create the clear space on street trees – predominantly in the fine and weak branch area (5 cm <Ø), but also in the coarse branch area (5 cm> Ø <10 cm) for well-sealed tree species.ROOF AND FACADE CLEARANCEA tree in the garden is a piece of nature in front of one’s own front door, giving its owners a lot of joy and tranquility in the fast-paced urban life. But, at the latest when the branches reach the house walls, it is time to take action. The constant rubbing of the branches on the house wall can damage the facade and the roof.To prevent this, it is necessary to shorten the affected branches professionally or remove them completely if they have a small diameter.DEADWOOD REMOVALAlthough the formation of dead wood in the treetop is usually a natural process, it poses a potential danger to people and property. The dead branches are no longer break-proof and can break off in stronger winds. The falling pieces of wood pose a risk of injury. To prevent serious accidents and property damage, we recommend removing the dead wood from the tree. Dead and broken branches from weak branches (3 cm. Diameter) are removed with this measure (-case name-). After cutting out the dead branches, your tree is safe again and looks noticeably friendlier.CROWN SECURITY CUT / IMMEDIATE MEASURES ON DAMAGED TREES AFTER UNFORESEEN EVENTS (e.g. tornado, ice break)Due to climate change, the National Weather Service expects extreme weather events in the future. The crown securing cut includes immediate measures on damaged trees affected by storms and hurricanes. Broken branches and tree trunks split by lightning pose a threat to people and property. In the course of this measure, both individual branches and trunks as well as entire crown parts can be shortened or even removed if this is necessary to restore road safety. The cuts are made so that the remaining crown can develop as typical of the species as possible.- Felling trees with rope climbing technique- Felling using an aerial work platform- construction site clearanceDo you have a tree on your property whose roots are already penetrating the sewer system or the masonry of your house? Perhaps the spruce trees in your garden block your view and prevent sufficient light from entering. Or do you have a tree that is sick and is about to tip over in the next storm? Then contact us for professional tree felling. It often happens that the tree to be felled is in the immediate vicinity of houses, underground garages or fences, so that it is not possible to cut it as a whole. Then it is necessary to cut the trunk piece by piece from top to bottom, removing the branches on the ascent. If necessary, the branches and trunk parts are roped down and brought to the ground in a controlled manner. We usually gain access to the tree using rope climbing techniques. The use of aerial work platforms is also possible if this can be cheaper, taking into account the local conditions and the effort involved.Contact us for more information!